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Live Chat Software for Websites

Live Chat - Instant Interaction

The live support feature is of great importance so that your customers can get the help they need instantly. Through live chat, your team of experts can provide customers with detailed information about your products or services, answer questions and guide their purchasing process. Thus, you increase customer satisfaction and create positive customer experiences.

Easy Access to User Information

Detailed Inbox Design

With the detailed inbox design, you can easily access the information of the customers and provide them with a fast service, so the customer feels really recognized.

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Live chat software team inbox

Voice and Video Calling

During a live chat session in Inbox, users have the added capability to start audio and video calls. This feature not only enhances real-time communication but also fosters a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. By leveraging these multimedia options, users can clarify doubts and address concerns more efficiently.

Assigned Agent

With the platform's intuitive interface, users can effortlessly redirect an incoming customer query to the appropriate team member. This ensures that each inquiry is handled by someone with the specific expertise or knowledge related to the customer's concern. Consequently, customers experience faster response times and more accurate assistance.

Live chat software team inbox
Live chat software team inbox

Customer Information

Agents have the ability to not only access user information but also share vital details about the customer through notes. This collaborative approach allows multiple agents to be on the same page regarding a customer's history and specific needs. By sharing these insights, the team can provide a more consistent and personalized customer experience.

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Visitor Sessions & Devices

You can see the user's previous session number and device information.

Latest Session Visits

You can see the pages that the user browsed in the last session as a list.

Business Load Management

Even if your customer base grows, you can always keep your response times fast.

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