The Best Practices for a Great Landing Page

Landing pages are one of the greatest tools to increase traffic to your website and convert visitors to customers. However, most people jump into building a landing page without knowing what it is or the tricks to make it work.  

To make sure that you can build the best landing pages, you first need to understand what a landing page is. A landing page is where your visitors end up after clicking an ad. Most people often make the mistake of thinking that a homepage is the same thing as a landing page. This can be one of the worst things you can do while creating a landing page. While a homepage represents your whole brand, a landing page should be specific to what your ad is offering. You can create several different landing pages specific to different products or services. 

So, what should you be doing to create a great landing page? 

Know your audience 

Chances are you are using more than one type of ad to target different customer profiles. In order to create the best-suited landing page for your advertorial, you need to think about the target audience.  

Ask yourself what they could be looking for. You can imagine that you are the one following the ad link. What would you expect to find? 

Use the language your audience is using. This way you can create a close connection and catch the attention of your customers. Are you addressing business people or teenagers? Clearly, using the same language to grab the attention of both profiles would be a fatal error. 

Get the attention at the first glance 

Do you remember how your literary teacher always told you to use a hook at the beginning of any writing? Take that advice and spend extra time on your headline.  

Don’t forget that your audience ends up at the landing page by following an ad link, not by specifically searching for what you are offering. You need to grab their attention at the first glance. Make sure that your headline pops and conveys your message successfully. Not only that, a headline should set the tone for the entire copy.  

Use design and layout to your advantage 

The fact is; your visitors will not be reading the whole copy. They will skim and see if there is anything that appeals to the eye. Make sure that the design matches the tone of your copy and reflects your company’s identity.  

You can also set the layout so that it attracts attention to the right points. Make sure that give the most important information at the top half of your landing page. Most of the time people don’t even scroll down on a page. So, make sure that you reach out to them and give the necessary details before they leave the landing page.  

Keep it short and to the point 

As we have mentioned, people don’t often read the whole landing page. If you don’t keep the landing page short, snappy, and to the point, your visitors are likely to leave unimpressed. A short but catch landing page will work way better than a long-winded wordy one. 

Instead of giving a long explanation about it showcase your product or service and simply call your audience for action.  

Also, trying to sneak in other topics that were not included in your ad is likely to distract and confuse your visitors. Make sure that you stay on point. You should even avoid clearly directing them to your homepage. If you are trying to get your audience to register or subscribe, make sure that the form is readily available and asks for the minimum information possible. Save the rest after the registration.

Tell your customers how they can benefit from your product 

Make your audience the centre of attention instead of your service or products. This will allow you to create a more intimate connection and stay away from the cold targeted marketing feeling as far as possible. Tell them what they will get out of using your services and products instead of praising their features. You can benefit from statistics and numbers to convey how much your product can serve them to grab the attention. 

Use the second-person pronoun “you” to break the wall between. This can also help your guests to feel welcome. 

Share candid reviews 

Sharing the reviews of your previous customer is the most compelling way to convert your visitors. But don’t just slap any comment that looks like any robot could have generated them. Giving specifics about the person behind the review is a powerful way to convince your visitors that the review is candid.  

Lead the way  

Don’t let your potential customers just roam aimlessly on the landing page. Grab their attention from the beginning and lead the way to get them where you want. You can use a quick rundown of the landing page at the top, or graphics to guide their attention. Think of your landing page as a continuous rapid experience that efficiently leads to your end goal.  

Make sure it is convenient for all your target platforms 

Remember that you might be catching someone’s attention while they are on the go. Your landing page might pop up on their phones, tablets, or computers. Make sure that the design and layout work across all these possible platforms. It is also extremely important that a landing page does not include any heavy-duty integrals that might take longer to load. Take into account that no one waits for a sluggish webpage.  

Don’t shy away from test runs 

Once you compose your landing page make sure to test it for efficiency. Without getting some concrete results you can never be sure how well it is living up to its potential or where you can improve. You can perform SEO tests to see if your landing page gets picked up or an A/B test to see which version of your landing page performs better. Don’t limit these tests to just the beginning, make sure that you make various test runs going forward to see if it is falling behind or could be improved. 


Content Writer, XON

07 Mar 2022

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The Best Practices for a Great Landing Page

07 Mar 2022

Landing pages are one of the greatest tools to increase traffic to your website and convert visitors to customers. However, most people jump into building a landing page without knowing what it is or the tricks to make it work.