6 Reasons to Incorporate Live Chat into Your E-Commerce Website

In the ever expensing e-commerce world, one of the most challenging things has proven to be turning website visitors into regular and active customers. Using live chat software can help you catch the attention of browsers and open up an easy way of communication with potential customers.  

Live chat software is a messaging tool that pops up at the corner of websites. But is it all that it is? No! Great live chat software is so much more than a pop-up. This communication and customer support service can increase your sales significantly and here is why! 

It’s the most instantaneous way of communication 

What frustrates customers the most is long waiting times. Call services and e-mail, unfortunately, involve a lot of lagging and most customers would prefer not to buy something than going on all that trouble for a simple question. 

Because of the rapid nature of messaging live chat offers contextual and instantaneous communication. Your customers can resolve any problems or get answers to their questions in a manner of seconds. This will encourage customers to keep on engaging and shopping through your website. This quick-fire communication is one of the most important factors in increased sales. 

You can also catch the attention of first-time visitors with a welcoming greeting and let them know that you are ready to assist. Such a greeting almost acts as a kind sales assistant in a physical store. 

Ensures all day customer support 

Accessibility is crucial to building strong relationships with your customers. This is why a 24/7 customer support service is a must for e-commerce. However, staffing a whole customer support crew to work in shifts might not be a feasible option. Live chat offers you the opportunity to provide all day customer support with intelligent chatbot technology. A chatbot can learn and improve over time making it an excellent assistant after working hours. This way you will still be able to greet and assist your customers without any interruption. 

24/7 customer support is especially a life-saver for international companies that need to serve customers from various time zones. 

Creates an easy and delightful customer experience 

Let’s say a customer encounters a problem during the shopping experience or has a question about a service or a product, live chat is incredibly convenient to provide an answer without disrupting the shopping experience. Your customers can just click on the pop-up and resolve the situation without wasting any time. This convenience creates an easy and delightful customer experience and makes sure that you don’t lose customers for no good reason. 

Affordable and profitable 

Not only live chat increases your sales but it also reduces the cost of your customer support services. Because your support agents can chat with multiple customers at the same time, you can cut back on the number of agents. Furthermore, you can avoid shift-based customer service thanks to chatbot technology.  

Provides helpful reports and analyses 

Tracking your progress and performance is crucial to determine your strengths and weak spots. If you have quality live chat software, you can create reports on commonly created inquiries and understand the weaknesses of your company. Furthermore, you can monitor the performance of your support agents, find out who can respond quickly and resolve problems and who is below standards. This allows you to keep the customer support service in a top-notch condition. 

Interactive with various platforms 

Live chat software is not just about messaging customers. You can share media files, helpful articles, and links to create a rich customer service experience. You can also link the live chat support to several other platforms such as call services and your company’s social media accounts.


Content Writer, XON

06 Mar 2022

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