All the Buzz in The Professional Environment: Remote Working

Remote working was an odd way of professional life adopted by some self-employed people and innovative companies before Covid-19 hit the whole world. As the name suggests, remote working allows employees to work anywhere from outside the traditional office or working space. Prior to this worldwide pandemic, most traditional companies and governmental bodies were oblivious of the concept. However, the unprecedented environment created during the Covid-19 crisis, pushed everybody to adjust and come up with untraditional solutions. Because of the mandatory or voluntary quarantines, the importance of social distance, and lock-downs, remote working has rapidly become a widely accepted way of working. 

This new environment and necessities have pushed the professional customs over the edge and now remote working seems to be all the buzz. But what is the reality? what are the advantages and disadvantages of remote working? Is remote working here to stay? 

The good and the bad 

Remote working can have different advantages and disadvantages for each person depending on their preferences, but here is the general verdict. 

Advantages of remote working 

First of all, the flexibility to work from any place you would like is uncanny. Even though the majority of people who work remotely usually work from home, it is possible to work from anywhere. As long as you have a stable internet connection and a suitable environment, remote working allows you to choose where you will be working. Perhaps you need to get out of time to see or take care of your family, visit friends, you are just a person who likes to travel, or you simply enjoy a change of environment to break up the monotony. Whatever the reason, you can pick the place you would like to work in and continue.  

If you don’t need to work in sync with many other people, having no set office opening hours can give you the freedom to work whenever you want. This is great for people who are more productive at unconventional hours. Some people might work better at night while some people enjoy a slower morning and prefer to work later in the evening. It is much easier to adjust your time when you are working remotely. 

Because of the flexibility and ability to create the perfect working environment, people who work remotely are usually less stressed and can enjoy their job much better. Remote working might be a better option for people who suffer from social anxiety or have a medical condition that would be much easier to navigate at their own home.  

Disadvantages of remote working 

With all the buzz and pretty pictures of home offices going around social media, a lot of people have willingly jumped on the remote working train only to find out that it is not suitable for them. Because remote working mostly boils down to working from home sooner or later, most people have found that living and working in the same place can be a disadvantage. Working and living at the same place and no set working times can blur the lines between personal and professional life. Also, working in the same environment with family or pets can be distracting and decrease productivity levels.  

The lack of sociability and natural networking can also be another disadvantage. In an office environment, you build both personal and professional relationships. A lot of people realize how much they liked the office environment only after trying to work remotely. 

Furthermore, despite the advanced technologies developed to enhance the remote working experience some gaps in communication can occur. Quick-fire conversations and decisions that naturally happen in an office environment can take longer times in a remote working situation. 

Is remote working here to stay? 

Even though remote working might have some disadvantages, it is looking like it is going to be a permanent player. More and more companies are adopting remote working and allowing their employees to have the option if they want to and if their position is suitable for remote working.


Content Writer, XON

05 Mar 2022

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